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Everyone likes to have fun and learn about new things. However there are some golden rules you need to know and use at all times when you are online.

If you do use chat rooms – always have an adult beside you.
Never give your real name and any details about you to anyone while chatting online.

Never arrange to meet anyone you have met through the internet.
If you are surfing the net looking for websites and you see anything which upsets you turn of the screen and go and tell an adult, who will deal with this for you.

These are only some rules to help you, but take time with an adult and learn more about internet safety by visiting some of the sites listed below.

Just click on the links below and this will take you to website for you to learn more.

For Children and Young People
The UK government Think You Know website provides the inside information on how to stay safe while having fun online.
For Families
The Scottish Executive Click Thinking Site is an online Personal Safety resource providing guidance for schools and families.
The Childnet International Website is a charity committed to helping to make the Internet a great and safe place for children.
ChatDanger provides advice and guidance on how to keep safe in chat rooms.
The above links are all from the North Lanarkshire's "Help Using the Internet" website to help advise both children and adults.

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